2021 Decentralisation
From Micro to Macro Change
Post Ecocide Space

We will criminalise and delegitimise the fossil fuel industry. Fossil fuel executives will be tried for crimes against humanity. Ecocide tribunals will hold those to account for making parts of Earth uninhabitable. We will march through the streets of our coastal cities and along the shores of the future seas in solidarity and celebration as our oppressors are held to justice.

We will courageously name the people who created our burning world without fear of retribution because they will be made powerless by our vision of a better world. History will remember our decades of inaction to tackle the climate crisis as one of humanity’s most profound mistakes.

We will realise we have lost so much, but there is still so much worth fighting for. We will prioritise our own psychological and emotional resilience. We’ll take walks by the river. We’ll visit our friends.