2021 Decentralisation
From Micro to Macro Change
No Cars = More Space

We will have long begun seeing cars as death machines which steal half the surface area of our cities. At this point, there will be so much more space available for quality housing for all, for parks, for city farms, for life.

We will have long begun to reclaim lawns and parking lots in our cities for people and gardens. We will take back public spaces that had been privatised.

We will begin to feel comfortable around each other in public again because we love each other and we always have. We have always liked meeting new people, so our public spaces will help us do that instead of isolating us in outdated cubicles of individualism.

We will rebuild our cities and redesign our roads for walking, bicycles, and those who move slowly. Public transit will be free, because it doesn’t make sense for it not to be. We will have pedestrian-first towns and cities, the way it always should have been. We will all learn to move more slowly.

The places we live will be aspirational because living a good life was always the point.