01_See language as a tool to change reality.

02_Break the old covenants.

03_Reject infinity.

04_Fire is a gift of the sun, do not imitate it.

05_Remember, you once were an owl.

06_See death as a source of life.

07_Do not create future, reorganize past.

08_Kill only in full consciousness.

09_Species are wealth, honour them.

10_Create your own covenant.

2023 Post Ecocide Space
Ten Sustainable Commandments

The Urban Futures Studio


Urban cultures are difficult to make sustainable. They are characterized by haste, consumption and distance. City dwellers do not know - and feel what the effects of their behaviors are, and don’t allow themselves enough time to delve into them. Sometimes they drink responsible coffee, sometimes they eat local potato, but everyone knows it’s not enough. More is actually needed to make cities more sustainable: a more complete culture change.

With the Ten Sustainable Commandments, we make a modest contribution to their turnaround. The Ten Durable Commandments are in the Ark of the Newest Covenant . This Ark will travel from city to city for the next forty years. In every city, city dwellers will interpret the Ten Sustainable Commandments to learn to think and act sustainably. This will create a chain of cities that inspire each other in their search for a different world.

"Ten Sustainable Commandments” Breukers Godrie, breukersgodrie.com/duurzaamheid/dp6bv3detp753wyoig7slonury36od.